Bong Bo Kuen/Beng Bu Quan (“Crushing Step“) Hand Form

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This 2-disc DVD set covers the Bong Bo (a.k.a. Beng Bu, Bung Bo) empty hand form, one of the most famous and well-known Praying Mantis Kung Fu (Tang Lang Quan/Tong Long Kuen) fighting forms. In this 2-disc DVD set, Wes Hardy (18-year system practitioner) and Sean Daily (10-year practitioner) take you step-by-step through Bong Bo’s various techniques, footwork, and handwork, and demonstrate practical, hands-on applications for each motion. Techniques and the entire form are shown at multiple speeds to allow viewers to understand subtle nuances and advanced concepts in addition to the basic motions.

This form’s techniques include a majority of the set of principles present in the original implementation of the style, developed by founder Wang Lang over 350 years ago. Nearly all styles of praying mantis kung fu in existence today include some version of Bong Bo, and the form has also been incorporated into the curriculum of many other kung fu styles and martial arts systems as well.

DVD Features Include:

  • Thorough explanation of each motion w/hands-on applications
  • Breakdown of individual motions shown at full, 1/2 and 1/4 speeds
  • Demonstration versions of form shown at multiple speeds
  • Form demonstration illustrating hidden waist power (“fa jing”)
  • DVD Bonus Material includes: other mantis form excerpts, free sparring, kicking series form, hand speed training drill

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1 review for Bong Bo Kuen/Beng Bu Quan (“Crushing Step“) Hand Form

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    After several years of not practicing due to medical reasons that lead to two major surgeries, and two bouts with cancer, today I am cancer free. It took time to heel, both physically and spiritually, but I am here. I began learning Kung fu and practice for about 7 years. I also took two years in Shotokan, but it has been almost 6 years that I have done nothing because as stated my illness. This DVD is excellent for the person who knows nothing about Kung Fu or anyone who has practice but want to sharpen their skills. Professionally made, very well instructed, applications explained clearly, all move are given in three speed, fast, medium, and slow to insure you are getting the movements and application correctly. Additionally, it has drills by the numbers that you can follow the instructor and this builds speed and confidence.

    I I know this has been the best book or DVD I have acquired on Praying Mantis style. Excellent. Everyone interested in kung fu should have this DVD. Thank you.

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