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MartialSkill and MartialSkill University bring the best of traditional and mixed martial arts available to students around the world via online video learning technologies, DVDs, and podcasts. Click on a button below to start your studies today.

MartialSkill University

MartialSkill University (MSU) offers extensive resources for the education, learning, maintaining, and advancing of both traditional and mixed martial arts (MMA). Information is presented in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand method allowing you to master the basic and advanced concepts of kung fu from the comfort of your own home.

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Student Testimonials

Hello... Just starting back into the Northern Praying Mantis Level 1 course. This is a really great program. Wish I would have got involved much sooner. Better late than never right... Thank you

Robert Wienhold (Review from Facebook)

I’ll most certainly be buying any and everything that you do. I have all the DVDs on your website and they are the most exceptional martial arts dvd’s in my collection (and I have a large Very well done and a pleasure to learn from. I’ll be watching for your next ones.

Thomas White

What I have learned so far has been absolutely amazing. The immediate difference from Sifu Daily and other instructors I have had is that he describes the practical applications for every technique and how to use them in a real scenario from the start. read the full review here

Jeremy Willis

Just wanted to pop in and say that this is rather impressive. I am a second degree black belt and have visited your online martial arts university and am thoroughly impressed and inspired. Please keep up all the excellent work.

Kevin Burke

I am very impressed with the balance of traditionalism and practicality. It is what kung fu neds to survive and thrive. I really appreciate what you are offering and the quality and presentation is the best.

Jason S.

Received the DVD (White Ape Steals the Peach)... I can tell that this is going to make me a far better martial artist.. I LOVE mantis kungfu.. it's beautiful and deadly .. thanks so much for putting this our for us to learn!

Lee H.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy to have bought this course. It is very well structured, the explanations are very clear. Thanks for helping me to bring back Kung Fu in my life!

Frederic Lachance


DVD Previews

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7 Star Mantis: Cha Chui 插捶 (“Piercing Strike”) Quan Demo Trailer

Bai Yuan Tou Tao (“White Ape Steals Peach”) DVD Trailer

7 Star Mantis Kung Fu: Lan Jie 拦截 (“Intercepting Boxing”) DVD Trailer

Praying Mantis Chain Styles 1 DVD Trailer

7 Star Praying Mantis: Bong Bo DVD Trailer

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