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Just received the Bueng Bo dvd in the mail. I am very impressed by the teaching format and quality of instruction! can't wait to get back home to practice and watch more of them.

Scott H.

This brother is so obviously a quality martial artist that it's enjoyable to watch him... shoulder position... crisp movements... perfect lines... how motivating- he teaches more with what he does than what he says!

Isma'il Mustafa

Just wanted to pop in and say that this is rather impressive. I am a second degree black belt and have visited your online martial arts university and am thoroughly impressed and inspired. Please keep up all the excellent work.

Kevin Burke

I have been practicing the martial arts since 1974 and Chinese Arts since 1981. I am a 4th Duan Black Belt in Mantis Kung Fu under Sifu Mike Shaw from Canada. I enrolled in the online University and found it to be a tremendous learning resource. Even with years of experience, I found the videos to be very helpful when teaching my students the techniques. Sifu Daily is an incredible teacher; I hope to train with him in person someday! I also have a Ph.D. in Education and am a full-time certified law enforcement instructor, so I understand teaching and learning concepts; given that knowledge, I am in a position to evaluate information delivery, and the DVDs and Online University are some of the best I have seen in the field of martial arts. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to learn both practical and traditional Mantis Kung Fu concepts to purchase these DVDs and enroll in the online University; you will NOT regret it! Dr. John M. Landry, 4th Duan

John M. Landry, Ph.D.

Just wanted to pop in and say that this is rather impressive. I am a second degree black belt and have visited your online martial arts university and am thoroughly impressed and inspired. Please keep up all the excellent work.

Kevin B.

Not just 1 of the best kung fu instructionals but 1 of the best martial arts instructionals i have seen (and i have seen a lot!)

Sean G.

The DVD is here! 🙂 And its AWESOME !!! Best Stuff !!

Markus W.

I am very impressed with the balance of traditionalism and practicality. It is what kung fu neds to survive and thrive. I really appreciate what you are offering and the quality and presentation is the best.

Jason S.

I just purchased some of your online courses and I have to say that you have by far the best online Kung Fu school! I have spent months looking for an online Kung Fu class and nothing beats the quality you have put into your videos. The web page is top notch. The video quality is excellent. The instruction is very detailed and easy to follow...Thank you for taking the time to put such quality on the internet!

James P.

Beautiful [Lan Jie] form. Absolutely beautiful. I train in shaolin kung fu and also the 5 animal kung fu and i do drunken as well and i have never seen this form acted so swiftly. Great job.


Fantastic resource you guys have compiled here. Currently training in 7 star praying mantis, and your videos are a great supplement to my sifu's lessons. Definitely will be getting the whole dvd series. Keep up the great work!

Jason F.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for making these [DVDs]. You are an excellent instructor and I am really looking forward to them.

Andrew J.

Nice Video. Keep doing your thing promoting mantis boxing...

Novell Bell (blacktaoist on YouTube)

I teach mantis boxing in Tucson, AZ and am always looking to improve and evolve my curriculum...Your material is inspiring and seeing the practical take is impressive.

Paul L.

I have a school of praying mantis kung fu stile in Brazil. I watched some of your videos and they are incredible, the techniques and the way of explanations.

Roberto C.

I've been studying Wing Chun and Various other Kung Fu styles since I was 6. You're the first video tutorial, let alone online instruction with comprehensive break down of curriculum and clear knowledge of material.

Issac K.

I write to express my appreciation for your DVDs. I purchased the entire series a month or so ago, as I was just beginning my study of 7 Star Mantis. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your detailed and thoughtful instruction...[the DVDs] are among the very best I have ever seen. I sit and watch them and take notes, and then go practice...I wish I could train with you guys in person, as you are clearly having a lot of fun!

Brian M., Ph.D.

Received the DVD (White Ape Steals the Peach)... I can tell that this is going to make me a far better martial artist.. I LOVE mantis kungfu.. it's beautiful and deadly .. thanks so much for putting this our for us to learn!

Lee H.

Dear MartialSkill Team, I just want to express my gratitude. I've trained Seven Star for some years but i quit the training about two years ago and started with internal martial arts. I had the feeling, i would never gain Gong Fu just by learning more and more forms. But recently i rediscoverd my love for the seven star mantis system and i really appreciate your efford and openness to teach this system in a compresensivly and Gong Fu orientated way. So, i hope your institute will flourish and help many people on their way. Thank you!


Since we can't REALLY be speechless, we will settle for amazed. Brilliant work!

Shadowstar Boxer

I LOVE your style and the production quality of your videos here is awesome. Thank you for providing such a high quality online source for instruction.

Robert N.

Great form...I just wanted to say I love your power - keep up the great work.


I wish all martial art dvds were made this good. No skipping, no freezing, it just plays smooth. The dvd is easy to navigate and there is plenty of information. The form is shown at full speed, then broken down and applications are taught. As a long time martial artist with 42 years of practice, I have seen a lot of folks and a lot of videos, few would compare to Sean and his work here. Oh, and most importantly, this is authentic Mantis Kung Fu.

Mike S.

Just wanted to say that whoever created the DVDs did an excellent job of planning! From an educational perspective you guys hit the mark IMO.

Bob P.

I must say your DVD is VERY GOOD, with clear and precice instruction that is easy to follow. I like the fact that you have included applications, different options to view the form, and detailed instructions on how to execute to moves. So guys, this is excellent work!! Keep it up, and give us many more DVDs.

Lars-Erik L.

This is very good, I can apply this to my mixed martial arts striking, though i do muay thai i always wanted to add chinese martial arts to it particularly the fast rapid strikes u see in a lot of styles. Plus, it prepares me when and if i do start going to a 7 Star Praying Mantis school where i live...


Let me compliment you on your great vids...Beautiful execution and it looks great and makes sense how its explained.

Karl L.

HOLY C**P. There is a guy on YT that really knows what he is doing. Keep up the good work dude. Please never lose the spirit of what we do this for.


I want to congratulate you guys, because perhaps you don't realize what you're doing is very special and important. Even in Taiwan where many of the traditional arts are preserved, digital documentation of this knowledge is scarcely done.


I think your videos are great. You have really done the martial arts community a service.

Chris C.

Just wanted to say I think you guys are doing a very good job!!!! I've been watching some of the videos and can tell you guys are doing good stuff......I've been training Kung Fu for about 12 years and an very impressed with the quality of your work. I have moved and not able to train like I use to......just no Kung Fu around.

Jeff H.

Beautiful, graceful, powerful. great performance of praying mantis. Quality kung fu at its best! Regards to you from a fellow kung fu brother from Norway!


I think your DVDs are the best martial arts DVDs I have ever seen for competency and accuracy. I love seven-star mantis kung fu but unfortunately there is not actually a school around where I live (Milwaukee, WI) that I can join. I feel very lucky that I can keep learning seven-star mantis forms from your DVDs...

Fabrizio T.

Many thanks for your excellent material regarding the 7 Star style. It's both informative and authentic and captures the friendliness and spirit of real kung fu. Well done!

Sifu John Leporati

Hi there. I have been watching your videos on YouTube and I am very impressed. Your videos have inspired me to take up martial arts. I hope the instructors in England are as good as you...

Darryl R.

Just wanted to say thanks. Why, you ask? Well I used to watch your old videos on YouTube over a year ago and really enjoyed them. This in turn piqued my interest in 7 star mantis...so I found a Sifu here in Winnipeg and am loving the system in every respect imaginable. So once again thank you for helping to pass on traditional Chinese Kung Fu to another generation!

Jonathan W.

I am a Shifu of Northern Praying Mantis in Bend, Oregon. I own a couple of your videos, and love the quality and thoroughness of the presentation. I use your Chain Styles as part of my curriculum, and my students love it.

Sifu Tyler Speed

Trop fort cette vidéo , bonne technique!!! ("Excellent video, good technique!!!)

Bruno D.

My wife absolutely LOOOOVES your videos! And while I don't personally practice mantis style I think your teaching style is the best of the best out there.


You are a great instructor...I just started taking Tanglangquan (in German), and your remote instructions are clearer than those of my instructor in person.


Once again you guys rock with the quality and detail you are putting out there. The CMA community really needs legit guys like you promoting the art because of all the flack that kung fu gets from the MMA world.

Mark (mdub2000)

Great videos man. Really informative! Please keep 'em coming!


Sean, it is always informative to watch your videos. Qi Xing Tang Lang is quite close in technique and style to Tai Chi Tang Lang. I think that any northern mantis stylist will find that your DVDs will help them improve their skills. I wish you good luck and success.

Steven H.

Hey! I just wanted to say how amazing your videos are and you are doing a great service for Chinese martial arts. If you plan on making any DVD series I would definitely buy them...I wish you good fortune and hope that you continue the good -- no -- great, work!


Nice video you guys, I'm glad to see a mantis school that teaches practical fighting. I'm no master myself but even teaching someone a good jab is a step above what I see in 90% of all other videos...


I train wing chun, jkd, and traditional kung fu and your videos are really helpful!


You guys did an AMAZING job breaking down the basics, there are plenty of videos on martial arts basics, but very few break it up and take it step by step so that you can get how it is done so easily.. good work...


5 stars! That is quite a detailed explanation of the trapping and seizing aspects of mantis. I know a lot more now about it thanks to this video. All the best to you!


Very well explained...lots of details and concepts..thanks.


Hi I just recently found your site...Your videos really give me something to begin with...you guys have done an outstanding job in my opinion. Keep it up!

Brandon M.

I'm very happy to have found your vids on mantis...I will definitely be buying anything you put out because you guys are great.

Alex (tremere660)

First off, I love your videos, as you make the instructions clear and demonstrate each step clearly. I've learned a lot from your videos.

Mara (maraphy)

Excellent job on skills in both educating, video, marketing, and course the fu. Keep up the good work.


Hey I really like your 7 star mantis videos. I practice northern mantis and it really helps me understand the broad array of mantis techniques there are.

Pete (navysealboy62)

Loving every vid guys...thanks.


I am really grateful for this site and the videos you have, I find them greatly instructive. I enjoyed learning what you show in these videos knowing that there is someone dedicated to passing knowledge to those who aren't that lucky...It is great work indeed.

Jose M.

Hey, I just watched all the videos you've posted and I just wanted to say first off that I appreciate that they're up. I think they're great and look forward to more...Love the teaching style. Keep up the good work!


I took praying mantis for some time, but quit after I felt that some of my teaching had been watered down. I really like how you focus so much on application...You make sense of the forms, which I really like.


You guys are really great. I have been a student of various Chinese MAs for over 10 years and I find your videos amazingly insightful...Truly a treat to watch these vids.


I have studied mantis (derived from Wah Lum, with a smattering of 7 star) for 9 years and Jujitsu for 13 years. Your methods are a great addition to what I already have and am interested in learning more...


You guys are great at demonstrating and represent your art very well. You have made a believer of me...

Nate B.

Your skills, and willingness to teach and share your knowledge speak for themselves. I am really excited to see the rest of your lessons...


Great stuff. I am a new student...and this was very informative.


I just saw your videos on YouTube and they are amazing. I really like your approach to the style...

Paul L.

Very cool stuff, thanks for putting it out there. Hope to see more.

Sifu Mike Biggie

Thanks for the lessons. They are well thought out and informative. I wasn't able to keep training with my sifu and thought I'd never be able to learn again. You have given me an opportunity to keep up with my training I started long ago. I was surprised how well the lessons were taught, so thank you very, very, very much. I don't think I will ever get to the skill level that I have always wanted but now someday my son will because of you.


I purchased your full seven star praying mantis program. I have never seen such quality in a instructional set of videos ever! I wish yours was the standard by which everyone followed, sadly they do not.

Erik Olson

Hi there. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for what looks like a detailed course. As a (very?) late starter (47 this year), I've been 'self-training' kung-fu for a few years now, essentially constrained by work and lack of any decent school near where I live. I've been happily following a lot of the YMAA stuff, but have been looking for something to refresh this. I really love the way you've structured the courses and the 'pay per view' idea is great compared to some of the rather more expensive pay monthly sites I've seen. Keep up the good work; I'm sure I'll be back for more.

Simon Jones

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